The Saga of Neutrino Oscillations

時間:11月30日(四) 13:20

題目:The Saga of Neutrino Oscillations
講者:王子敬 研究員兼副所長

服務單位:中央研究院 物理研究所

地點:本校基礎科學教學研究大樓1樓 157室


The discovery of Neutrino Oscillations is an important chapter in the history
of basic physics research, carved into stone with the 2015 Physics Nobel Prize.
In this story-telling-style talk, I will summarize the historical twists-and-turns,
what an individual physicist in the front-row (myself) has learned and experienced
through the evolution, how it illustrates the scientific methodologies and processes,
and what lessons it illuminates on how we would confront the future