A Memory of Majorana Modes through Quantum Quench

時間:6月8日(四) 13:20 ~ 15:10

題目:A Memory of Majorana Modes through Quantum Quench
講者:張明強 副教授

服務單位:國立中興大學 物理學系

地點:本校基礎科學教學研究大樓1樓 157室


We study the sudden quench of a one-dimensional p-wave superconductor through its topological
signature in the entanglement spectrum. We show that the long-time evolution of the system and its
topological characterization depend on a pseudomagnetic field Reff(k). Furthermore, Reff(k) connects
both the initial and the final Hamiltonians, hence exhibiting a memory effect. In particular, we explore
the robustness of the Majorana zero-mode and identify the parameter space in which the Majorana
zero-mode can revive in the infinite-time limit.