IntroductionInstitute of Physics, NCTU

Found in 1993, Institute of Physics (IOP) aims at fundamental research in physics and education of devoted graduate students. As a young institute, IOP is energetic and the faculty is full of enthusiasm in teaching and research. For years, the teaching evaluation for IOP has been outstanding. The number of the published papers each year per person in reputable international journals has been one of the highest for physical organizations in Taiwan.

Currently, there are several research branches in IOP. Condensed matter branches include both the theoretical and experimental activities in surface science, quantum transport, semiconductors, and superconductivity. The group in theoretical particle physics and cosmology has been impressive. The group of atomic/molecular physics is mainly concerned with the interaction of intense laser field and the related quantum chaos problems.

Organic semiconductor laboratory
Organic semiconductor laboratory


>> Founded: 1993
>> Goals:
fundamental research in physics
graduate student education
>> Faculty: 10
>> Postdoctoral Fellow: 8
>> Assistant: 3
>> Students: Master (56) / Doctor (15)
>> International Collaboration:
– Agreement for Joint Graduate School Program between RIKEN, Japan and NCTU
– NCTU-RIKEN Joint Research Laboratory
– Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment