Tabletop analog black holes to investigate the information loss paradox

時間:10月5日(四) 13:20

題目:Tabletop analog black holes to investigate the information loss paradox
講者:陳丕燊 教授

服務單位:國立臺灣大學 物理學系 / 臺大梁次震宇宙學講座教授

地點:本校基礎科學教學研究大樓1樓 157室


The question of whether Hawking evaporation violates unitarity, and therefore results in the loss of
information, has remained unresolved since Hawking’s seminal discovery. To date, the investigations have
remained mostly theoretical since it is almost impossible to settle this paradox through direct astrophysical
black hole observations. Here, we point out that relativistic plasma mirrors can be accelerated drastically
and stopped abruptly by impinging intense x-ray pulses on solid plasma targets with a density gradient.
This is analogous to the late time evolution of black hole Hawking evaporation. A conception of such an
experiment is proposed and a self-consistent set of physical parameters is presented. Critical issues, such as
how the black hole unitarity may be preserved, can be addressed through the entanglement between the
analog Hawking radiation photons and their partner modes under different mirror trajectories associated with
different proposed solutions to the paradox.